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Become Well Informed, Opportunity Driven and Sales Centered!

AI-Powered Market Intelligence Platform

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There is a problem. Your world is:

Overloaded with Information

Humans are unable to read and digest all the available information (news, patents, deals, tenders etc.).

Longer Time-To-Insights will slow down your business.

Full of Eager Competitors

Competitors all around the globe trying to take over your customers, copy your products or technology.

Sales and Marketing Executives lack data-driven support. 

Highly Complex and Knowledge Intensive

A complex world with capital intensive technical products or projects and long and complex sales cycles.

A lot of experience and  knowledge is required to spot and close a deal.



Continuous combination of internal and external information

Deep competitive coverage of your market

Relevant early warning signals



Responsive sales and relationship management

Decrease time spent for meeting presentations

Increase leads, cross-sell and deepsell



Focus on your Clients proactively, timely to be relevant

Timely and relevant leads & conversation starters

Increased call to meeting hit rate & percentage that lead to closed deals

Worldwatch for Sales

Nearly all sales teams spend a majority of their time doing repetitive tasks like sourcing and qualifying leads that can take them away from more valuable endeavors like engaging with prospects, closing sales and achieving sales targets. We help your sales organization to apply AI technologies to get automatically generated conversation starters, more qualified leads, increased average deal size, shorter sales cycles and a better conversion ratio. Worldwatch helps you to scale your enterprises and your sales organization and to drive revenue growth.

Worldwatch for Marketing

Marketers face challenges due to the fact that there is too much information for humans to keep up with. Compiled market information, market research and reporting is not timely enough. We help your marketing and market intelligence teams to gain intelligent market and customer insights to apply these in market and trend analyses, sales enablement, competitive intelligence and customer intelligence. AI technologies can be applied to provide a 360 degree view of your world and to become well informed, opportunity driven and sales centered. 

90% of business executives expect AI to improve sales performance but only 30.6% of companies are currently using some form of AI to support the sales process 

Source: InsideSales AI report 2019

How we can help

Use Case
for Sales

The Problem

Within today’s informational overflow and complex sales cycles, monitoring clients and activities is a time-consuming activity. Organizations would like to stay on top of the game and don't want to miss out on new opportunities or market insights. Your Sales Reps cannot keep up with an inconsumable amount of data that is not just cumbersome but also a risk that competitors will gain insights first. Your Sales Reps spend too much time on inputting sales data and activities and other admin tasks which distracts from engaging with prospects and closing sales.

Our Solution

The Worldwatch AI-powered solution uses millions of data sources to gain more actionable insights in: - Market Insights and Drivers - Customer Insights - Conversation Starters and Lead Generation - Customer Engagement and Journey - Competitor Monitoring

Your Result

Become well informed and get early warning signals out of internal and external data, fully integrated in current processes and (CRM) systems. Improved responsive sales and relationship management, gain deep competitive coverage of your market and increase the number of qualified leads, and cross sell opportunities. Your Sales Reps will get an increased call to meeting hitrate and percentage that leads to closed deals.

How we can help

Use Case for Marketing

The Problem

In today's world there is an overflow of data, it's hard to:
- Access Data Across Platforms
- Identify Customers Across Channels
- Identify New Potential Customers
- Maintain a Consistent Customer Experience
- Maintain Privacy

Our Solution

The Worldwatch AI-powered solution uses millions of data sources to gain more actionable insights in:
- Market Insights, Drivers and Trends
- Customer Insights
- Conversation Starters and Lead Generation
- Customer Engagement
- Competitive Intelligence
- Tech and Commercial Developments

Your Result

Having customized real-time insights available enables you to monitor market and customer insights, to gain more qualified leads, AI-driven customer engagement solutions, higher quality campaigns and to use AI to remove personally identifiable information from your data.

WIN IN A DATA-DRIVEN WORLD Become Well Informed, Opportunity Driven and Sales Centered!