Recently an article in the Dutch Financial Newspaper addressed the rise and gains of “smart search robots”. It described the need and use-cases for a  smart piece of software that helps enterprises and professionals deal with the information overload and lack of insights when operating in a world-wide competitive industry.

Too much data but no insights

It is evident that these days data is abundant, but relevant information and insights are not. For example finding market insights and trends in market intelligence is traditionally still done by buying expensive reports twice a year. The result is that enterprises are strategically planning on market snapshots instead of a live view of their market.

Or imagine having to read all news, newsletters, patent fillings, customer and competitor developments as a human. Most professionals start with setting alerts on google news, and reading up on their daily newsletters but soon this only leads to more data, not more insights.

The need for smart search robots

The need for smart search robots that act as a smart filter for your world is obvious. At Brainial our core product is such a smart search robot called With this product based on ai technology, humans will be able to discover market insights, find new prospects, monitor competitors, and get instantly updated on product and market trends. is fully configurable per user and gives them a 360-degree dashboard of their world.

Smart reading machines

The core of this smart market intelligence solution are in fact “smart reading machines”. They read all the relevant information and develop a deep understanding of your market and world. It learns concepts, terms, relationships and more to understand if a piece of information is relevant, and what it is about.

We believe that rather than having a smart robot that has generic knowledge a solution that has been fed and trained on a specific domain has much more value to a business.

It is able to provide hyper relevant content and signals through a deep understanding of domain that allows for better market insights.

Currently we have developed deep knowledge models for the maritime and building & construction industries and markets to help our clients stay on top of their world. And we are training our smart reading machines to become experts in other domains.

The full article (in dutch) is available at: